Payment policy

Every patient has different needs and will require either a consultation with no investigation or a number of varying tests and scans to help with the diagnosis of their condition. Our consultants also practice from different Hospitals across South West London and each Hospital has a different price list. It would, therefore, be impossible to list all the variations here.

To receive an indication of likely costs please telephone our Enquiries Line on 0208 337 9609.

New Patients

At your initial appointment you will be asked complete a London Gastroenterology Partnership registration form. This form asks for information necessary for The London Gastroenterology Partnership to process your account. The Hospital you attend may also ask you for details or take a copy of your registration form as they, too, may have to process an account for you.

Current Patients

We ask that you keep us up-to-date on any changes to your personal details or insurance company information when you visit your consultant. This will make it easier for us to process your account quickly and efficiently.

Health Insurance

Please make sure that you have contacted your insurance company prior to your initial visit to gain their approval for the visit and any tests which may be required.

A GP Referral Letter will more than likely be required.

If you are insured there is a place on the registration form you to complete the name of your insurance company, policy or membership number and pre-authorisation number if you have one.

These details will then be used to process your account and your invoices will be sent directly to the insurance company concerned where you have a direct payment policy with them. Most insurance companies operate a system of direct payment nowadays but some may wish you to settle the bill yourself first and then claim the costs back from them. Check with your insurance company how they would like you to proceed before you come for your first consultation.

In order to speed up your claim please hand your completed claim form to the consultant for signature at your initial consultation. You should then forward the form to your insurer.

Please Note: Should your insurance company be unable to settle your bill or only settles it in part, we will have to ask you for the outstanding amount.

Self-Funding/Referring Patients

Most patients are referred via a GP and, indeed this is normally essential if you are claiming on a health insurance policy.

If you are self-funding, however, you may wish to refer yourself and will not need a letter from the GP.

The London Gastroenterology Partnership is more than happy to accept referrals from Self-Funding/Referring Patients but would ask that you settle your invoice within 30 days of receiving the invoice.

Please Note: you may not only have to pay the fee due to The London Gastroenterology Partnership consultant. If you have tests or procedures carried out the Hospital you are seen at will also make a charge for the use of its rooms, equipment etc. This can often be more costly than your invoice from The London Gastroenterology Partnership. Please call the General Enquiries telephone number for more information.

Fees from your consultant will include:

Iinitial and follow up outpatient consultations, surgical procedure's undertaken in the theatre, procedures, tests and examinations undertaken in a consulting room or treatment room. You will also receive an additional invoice from the Hospital where tests and procedures are carried out.


As part of your treatment your consultant may provide you with a private prescription for drugs which you will need to take to a local pharmacy to be dispensed. The pharmacy will charge you as a private patient regardless of whether you would normally be exempt from paying for NHS prescriptions. Any queries relating to the cost of prescriptions should be directed to the pharmacy.

If you have any questions or require further information on our pricing policy please contact the Practice Manager on 0208 337 9609.

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