Bowel Cancer Screening

There is considerable interest in bowel cancer screening and an increased awareness of this common disease since the introduction of the national bowel cancer screening programme in July 2006. Although not available in all areas of the UK many 60-70 year olds will have received postal invitations to participate. A stool test is completed at home and mailed to a local screening centre followed by an invitation to a local hospital for colonoscopy in those with a positive test. This has been shown in pilot studies to dramatically reduce mortality from bowel cancer. The London Gastroenterology Partnership specialises in bowel cancer screening with all procedures by nationally accredited experts in colonoscopy. Patients wishing to be screened privately can contact the partnership for further details.

Those individuals in younger age groups who are unsure of their risk of bowel cancer are encouraged to seek consultation with one of our consultants. A family history of bowel cancer or previous personal history of polyps or cancers of the bowel may mean that they may need to proceed directly to colonoscopy. This may also be appropriate in those with longstanding ulcerative colitis or Crohn's disease. Please contact the partnership if unsure about your requirements.

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