Liver Disease

It is estimated that one in twenty five people in the United Kingdom have abnormal liver blood tests, known as liver function tests. Abnormalities in the liver function tests often only come to light after routine blood tests have been performed, as many people have no associated symptoms. The commonest causes are non-alcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD), viral hepatitis, some medications and alcohol related injury. There are also a large number of rarer conditions, which can cause liver disease. Not everybody with abnormal liver function tests has serious underlying liver disease.

The Partnership can offer consultations with Hepatologists who have expertise in the diagnosis and management of acute and chronic liver disease (see "meet the team"). An initial liver assessment usually involves a careful history and examination followed by a panel of blood tests and an ultrasound scan of the liver. After this your consultant will be able to advise you on treatments or further investigations that may be needed. 

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